Centre for Finance and Development
25 November 2021

New specialized track in Sustainable Finance and Development within the Master in International Economics

In September 2021, a new track in Sustainable Finance and Development was launched as part of the Graduate Institute's Master in International Economics.


The rapid transformation of the financial sector with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, inclusion, and impact measurement creates exciting new career opportunities.

Asset managers, bankers, analysts, and consultants in this new financial world need in-depth expertise in the interaction between development, sustainability, impact evaluation, and finance.


To meet the growing demands of financial institutions - private, public, and international - and the interest of students who want to make a positive impact on world development, the Graduate Institute has launched, in September 2021, a new track in Sustainable Finance and Development within its Master in International Economics.

The programme is closely associated with the Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) which is supported by the Pictet Foundation and serves as a leading international and interdisciplinary exchange platform in finance and development-related topics.


The new specialization builds on the strengths of our master's programme of International Economics and provides students with strong analytical and rigorous empirical tools.

The new specialization includes a dedicated introductory and integrative course taught by Prof. Nathan Sussman, Director of the Centre for Finance and Development, and a course on Sustainable finance and impact investing offered by Prof. Beatrice Weder di Mauro, the President of CEPR.

The programme offers electives that include a course offered by industry practitioners on Topics in Sustainable Finance,  a course given by Alumni on Economic policy in developing and emerging countries, and courses such as Development economics, Big data, fintech, and digital finance, Global virtual workshop on fintech and digital economy, Impact evaluation, and more.


If you are interested in a career in development finance, impact investing, or sustainable finance and want to promote inclusive growth through employment in the financial sector, international, governmental organization, or NGO's, then this programme is for you.

For more information on the programme, please contact Prof. Nathan Sussman ( and see below.

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