Global Migration Centre
06 May 2022

New Visiting Fellows at the Global Migration Centre

Meet the Global Migration Centre’s Visiting Researchers, Prof. Maja Janmyr, Dr.Izabella Macher and Camille Malafosse



The Global Migration Centre is very happy to welcome Maja Janmyr and Izabella Macher at the Maison de la Paix having joined Camille Malafosse as Visiting Researchers.

Maja Janmyr

Maja Janmyr is prof. of International Migration Law form the University of Oslo and Research Associate at the Refugees Studies Centre. She studies international law from below, and is interested in how refugees and other migrants understand and engage with legal norms and institutions, and in how international refugee law in particular is interpreted and implemented in local contexts. Thus, in her own research, she not only focused on international law, but draws heavily on work within other disciplines, including sociology and anthropology. Her current research agenda is to construct a truly global perspective on the nature of international refugee law by focusing on the role and practice of states that have not ratified the 1951 Refugee Convention. These non-signatory states are predominantly found in the Middle East and South Asia, and have traditionally been seen as exceptions to international refugee law. In her current research she hopes to bring these states from the margins to the fore.


Izabella Macher

Izabella Macher, is IHEID Alumna, she is specialised in international human rights and refugee law. Her doctoral research on the EU’s policies targeting undocumented migrants along with several years of professional research experience in immigration policies fostered her expertise in EU migration and asylum policy. Her main areas of interest include refugee protection and the rights of migrants, minorities, women, and children. Practical experience in different international fora, including the UN system, state diplomatic representation, and NGOs, has equipped her with a deep understanding of UN human rights mechanisms and international decision-making..


Camille Malafosse

Camille Malafosse To our great pleasure, Camille Malafosse has prolonged her stay at the Global Migration Centre due to extended lockdown in Australia where she is PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) School of Law in Sydney. Whilst completing her PhD where she analyzes the legitimacy of public-private partnerships in the international asylum system, Camille, has been a consultant to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe as well being invested in shaping her NGO .






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