04 March 2023

Open data and data stewardship network

In January 2023, the Library and Tech Hub received funding from Swissuniversities to strengthen the Institute's competencies in open research data and to create a data stewardship network. 

The role of Data Steward was originally introduced by TU Delft and subsequently adopted by other universities (such as the University of Cambridge). This role consists of training and supporting researchers in the management and sharing of research data. The Data Steward works with different units (Library, IT, Research Office, Research Centers) and within broader networks (national and international) to assess and respond to researchers' needs in terms of information, skills and infrastructure. 

The Data Steward also promotes openness and access to data and seeks to bring about a cultural change within the academic world. He/she will support the creation of metadata and the preservation and sharing of collected data.

At the Institute, this network will bring together the traditional partners in data and research management: researchers and departments, research office, library, IT, Tech Hub, and archives. It will make it possible to pool existing resources and to take better account of the different needs of the members of the institution. 

The priority tasks of the Data Stewardship Network will be:

  • Develop links between researchers and Research Centres
  • Support the bottom-up development of an Open Research Data policy for the institute, taking into account the specificities of the disciplines represented
  • Train researchers in open science and data management
  • Encourage the exchange of best practices in data management
  • Establish a network of data champions in Departments and Research Centres

For more information, please contact Guillaume Pasquier or Jérôme Duberry