Student Awards
13 November 2019

PhD Candidate Awarded Prestigious Diploma by European University Institute

Stefania Di Stefano was awarded the prestigious Diploma in Human Rights Law by the European University Institute (EUI), a highly competitive recognition given to students who demonstrate an advanced knowledge of human rights law. This year, the Diploma was awarded to only three students who voluntarily sat for a rigorous, three-hour exam following their EUI summer programme studies. 

“From a personal perspective, this Diploma really means a lot to me: it is extremely rewarding and it constitutes a testimony of the skills and educational background I have acquired so far – first, during my master's studies here at the Institute and now during my PhD”, said Stefania. “In the end, the key was not to simply memorise and reiterate concepts and notions, but to really demonstrate critical thinking and deep understanding of the issues at stake”.

“I am very proud that Stefania was awarded the Diploma”, said Professor of International Law, Andrew Clapham, who was the EUI Academy of European Law’s first Executive Director and Scientific Coordinator. “It is a great achievement for her and one not easily earned”.

Stefania decided to attend the EUI summer programme in light of the general course on “Can Human Rights Survive the Digital Age?”, which she felt would be pertinent to her doctoral thesis focusing on human rights and social media. 

“The course turned out to be very interesting; it provoked a series of reflections and ideas that I am now developing for the first chapter of my thesis”, she remarked. “Indeed, the exchanges and debates with the faculty and the other participants have been very helpful and enriching”.

Another notable recipient of this Diploma includes Nico Krisch, Professor of International Law at the Graduate Institute. 

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