Global Governance Centre
27 March 2024

Report Launch Video: A Shared Vision for Digital Technology and Governance

Watch the launch event for the UNDP's report: "A Shared Vision for Digital Technology and Governance".

The benefits of governing through digital technologies are well recognized. However, the growing recognition of the risks of digital technologies necessitates a similar acknowledgement of the importance of governance over these technologies. It is well-known that digital technologies can transform governance and service delivery, enhancing efficiency, inclusion, and accountability. However, these technologies are not neutral and introduce new risks that challenge their developmental potential.

On the occasion of the recent launch of UNDP’s new report, “A Shared Vision for Digital Technology and Governance: The Role of Governance in Ensuring Digital Technologies Contribute to Development and Mitigate Risks,” and in partnership with the Global Governance Centre, Emrys Schoemaker, Senior Governance Advisor, UNDP and Research Director, Caribou Digital,  brought together voices from different stakeholder groups to reflect on the governance implications of digital transformation.

Speakers included:

  • Sarah Lister, Head of Governance, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, UNDP
  • Azusa Kubota, UNDP Resident Representative, Sri Lanka
  • Jonas Pasquier, Head of Global Affairs, Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations
  • Eleonore Fournier-Tombs, Head of Anticipatory Action and Innovation, United Nations University
  • Kulani Abendroth-Dias, Research and Governance Program Manager, Project Liberty Foundation and PhD Candidate, Geneva Graduate Institute
  • Danisha Decius, Program Manager, Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

Watch the video recording of the event below.