20 April 2023

Rethinking Corporate law with KINDA MOHAMADIEH

The latest episode of the podcast ABD Stories has been released, featuring an interview with Kinda Mohamadieh, a recent PhD graduate whose research focuses on rethinking corporate law. With corporations holding unprecedented power in today's world, the debate over what they owe to society has become a hot topic, and Kinda is on a mission to challenge their role in our society.

Throughout the episode, Kinda dives headfirst into the most prominent debates on corporate law, discussing her own research and where she stands in the complex discussion. Juggling a PhD dissertation, a job, and a child, Kinda shares some of the unexpected pleasures that have come along the way, as well as the important lessons she's learned.

ABD Stories is a podcast produced by the Research Office at the Geneva Graduate Institute, featuring interviews with PhD candidates about their thesis stories. The latest episode is now available for download, and listeners are encouraged to share the episodes on social media and subscribe to the RSS feed for more. This episode was produced by Valentina Saponara and Michelle Olguin.