Global Governance Centre
01 October 2021

Sanctions on Afghanistan: Why less is more

‘There should be no excuse for a repeat of the errors from previous embargoes.’

While the international community is waiting to see what a Taliban-led government will mean for Afghanistan and its people, one thing is certain: "new sanctions are on the horizon, and they will be broad, hard-hitting, and long-lasting", argue Erica Moret and Karl Blanchet in their piece for The New Humanitarian. 

Erica Moret is Senior Researcher at the Global Governance Centre and the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies, and coordinator for the Geneva International Sanctions Network and Karl Blanchet is Director of the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies.


If not planned carefully with humanitarian considerations in mind, an aggressive new international sanctions strategy on Afghanistan risks tumbling into a familiar trap.
Erica Moret and Karl Blanchet