09 May 2023

Scams, conspiracies, and surprising theories on why we fall victim to them

Carolyn Biltoft, Associate Professor of International History and Politics and a member of the Tech Hub's Board, recently participated in an interview conducted by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation alongside other distinguished experts. During the interview, Biltoft provided her astute analysis on the topic of credulity, offering a unique and profound perspective as a historian.

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The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre's latest report highlights the escalating problem of fraud, identity crimes, and related cyber-crimes, which are rapidly increasing. These issues occur within a cultural context of misinformation and conspiracy theories that are magnified by the internet. The term "credulity" carries a negative connotation, implying gullibility and susceptibility to deception, fraud, and unfounded beliefs. However, is it fair to solely blame the victims? This interview explores various perspectives and explanations for why we can become a victim.