Science Diplomacy Week
17 May 2023

Science, Peacetech and Diplomacy conference - Watch the recording

Among the events organised during the Science Diplomacy Week from From 8-12 May 2023 was the Science, Peacetech and Diplomacy conference, in collaboration with EPFL and Geneva Peacebuilding Platform. The fascinating discussion highlighted the importance of close collaboration between diplomats and scientists of all disciplines.

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In an era of changing strategic landscapes, the nature of conflict is becoming increasingly multifaceted, dynamic, hybrid, and protracted. Multi-stakeholder alliances are becoming increasingly important in the field of peacebuilding. They can leverage their complementary expertise to break down sectoral silos and bridge capacities to achieve greater impact and accelerate the achievement of sustainable peace for all. This new approach to diplomacy recognizes the need for integrated, multidisciplinary collaboration across different professional communities, including science. Computer scientists can best produce innovative technologies when built on the field expertise of peace practitioners and the scientific evidence of social scientists. This session explored science diplomacy in action: it presented the roadmap and discussed some of the key challenges and opportunities of a specific research project on mitigating online polarization in the context of conflict, conducted by members of the Swiss Alliance of PeaceTech.



  • Dr. Peter Maurer, Former President of the ICRC
  • Amb. Alexandre Fasel, Ambassador, Special Representative for Science Diplomacy, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), Chair of the Diplomacy Forum at GESDA
  • Dr. Klaus Schönenberger, Director, EPFL EssentialTech
  • Dr. Annyssa Bellal, Executive Director of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform


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