16 October 2023

Sustainable IT Charter signed by the Institute

Last June, the Geneva Graduate Institute joined 443 organizations in signing the Sustainable IT Charter. 

In a context of climate urgency linked to the need for social justice, Sustainable IT has become an international challenge in a few years. Awareness of the environmental and social impacts of digital technology has accelerated, requiring organisations to reassess their digital strategy.

Many organisations, both public and private rethink their digital roadmap in order to create the conditions for a digital strategy that is sustainable for the planet and beneficial to all. In this sense, the Sustainable IT Charter is a first step towards a more virtuous digital world.

The text of the charter summarizes the commitments made by the Institute to move towards a more sustainable approach to IT. Together with the IT department and the Sustainability Initiative, the Tech Hub will contribute to the implementation of a dedicated action plan.


Sustainable IT Charter