Students & Campus
03 June 2021

Undergraduate Students Experience Academics at the Institute

Despite the circumstances and limitations brought about by the pandemic, three exchange students, Ruby, Kelly, and Jennifer, were able to make the most of their time at the Institute during their Undergraduate Semester Programme this semester.

From Wellesley Colleague, the three visiting students arrived in Geneva at different times throughout the semester, following classes in the same remote way as the rest of our students. Weekdays were devoted to their engaging and thought-provoking classes, as well as discussing with professionals from different Geneva-based international organisations. The weekends were reserved for exploring as much of the country as possible. 

Doctoral candidate Andrea Lucia Biswas Tortajada served as their mentor, connecting the exchange students to professionals in the international development and cooperation fields.

Over the last 14 weeks, the three undergraduates interviewed 13 such people about their journies in different international organisations, sharing the ideas and challenges in their domains that everyone should know. They discussed how COVID changed their sectors, how to balance work responsibilities with personal plans, the best places to travel and some habits that can help to kick start the days and careers of students and graduates alike.

The Undergraduate Semester Programme offers students a chance to experience a Swiss academic setting by undertaking courses at the Institute. It also allows participants to experience Switzerland while taking advantage of all the opportunities Geneva has to offer! Our students have called their experiences remarkable, unforgettable, empowering and immersive, and we echo their impressions. 

The International Programmes team is glad that Ruby, Kelly and Jennifer had such a rewarding experience, despite the precautionary measures required to ensure everyone was healthy and safe at all times. It nevertheless allowed them to learn a great deal and to forge new relationships. It has been an unforgettable experience!