International Economics
05 April 2024

Urban Economic Association Summer School 2024

We invite applications from PhD students in their second year or beyond to the Urban Economic Association Summer School 2024.



The UEA Summer School is designed for PhD students with an interest in urban economics, including housing, real estate, transportation, local public good provision, the spatial distribution of activities, economic geography, and urban or regional policy. The objective of the summer school is to offer an intensive training program for interested PhD students. The summer school will provide an opportunity for students to learn about the research frontier in urban economics, discuss their own research with leading researchers in the field in a relaxed and open atmosphere, and meet some of the future stars in the field.



Jonathan Dingel (Chicago Booth), Dave Donaldson (MIT), David Dorn (Zurich), Gabriel Kreindler (Harvard), Marta Santamaria (Warwick), Winnie van Dijk (Yale)


The summer school will run for three days. We expect to invite between 50 and 60 students, and we will invite twelve students to present their work. We expect that each day there will be two lectures by faculty, four student presentations, and an opportunity for students who are not presenting their papers to talk to the faculty about their projects.



We invite applications from PhD students in their second year or beyond. Places in the school are limited by space constraints. This is an in-person event. Participants are expected to attend all three days in full. Application details here.


Geneva Graduate Institute, Maison de la Paix. Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, 1202 Genève, Switzerland

Urban Economic Association Summer School 2024

24th, 25th and 26th June 2024

Organized by: Frederic Robert-Nicoud (University of Geneva) and Julia Cajal-Grossi (Geneva Graduate Institute)