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16 March 2023

Where Can a Geneva Graduate Institute Degree Take You?

Our alumnae and alumni network is spread all over the globe and engaged in a range of public and private sector activities. Find out where our graduates are now and what they're doing. 

What work opportunities are available to Geneva Graduate Institute students?
The Institute's close proximity to 39 international organisations, 750 NGOs and 179 diplomatic missions, means our students have extensive access to careers in the international arena.

In addition, the Institute offers, on average, 150 on-campus positions a year, mainly as administrative staff or as research and teaching assistants. 

What are our students' employability rates after graduation?
Our surveys of graduates carried out since 2008 show that almost all of the Institute’s students had obtained prior professional or internship experience, often in an international environment, during their studies. After graduation, the average time to secure an academic or professional position for more than 90% of our students was less than four months.

When viewed globally, the public sector has attracted the largest number of our graduates from 2008-2020 (36.3%), many of whom work in positions within international organisations, or foreign or local governments.

The not-for-profit sector garnered 26.5% of former students, who work in NGOs, think tanks, foundations and associations.  

However, Geneva also has a lot of private sector opportunities as well and our graduated students (21.2%) found opportunities at banks, multinational companies or financial services. Some are even consultants. 

Finally, 16% of our former students opt to remain in academics for the time being and choose to pursue either another master’s degree or go on to work towards a PhD. They might also be involved in research for an academic institution.  

In terms of location, nearly half of our graduates choose to remain in Switzerland, while the other half go on to pursue their next step in places all over the globe. 

How can students plan for successful careers?

A career is an exploration. There is no fixed or predestined path, but rather the idea that a career results from individual choices and aspirations. It is also an ever-changing process where career objectives evolve with knowledge, experience and sometimes unexpected opportunities. 

With a great network in the International Geneva, a large choice of academic courses and a strong student community, the Institute provides the right environment for anyone interested in international development and affairs to start their exploration. 

This interview was conducted with the help of the Institute's Career Services. 

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