Global Health Centre
16 June 2020

Who will be left uncounted in data on COVID-19?

The Right ON! Podcast

How are inequality and discrimination shaping data about COVID-19, and who is being left invisible and uncounted?

On the launch of her new book on data and human rights, Sara Meg Davis speaks to social worker and rights activist Jolovan Wham in Singapore, who describes how thousands of migrant workers are being detained in overcrowded dorms, and were missed by the official mobile contact tracing app. In Geneva, Shirin Heidari (GENDRO, Global Health Centre) and Marina Smelyanskaya (Stop TB Partnership) address the global need for feminist principles and respect for human rights to gather data on COVID-19.

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The Uncounted: Politics of Data in Global Health

Sara Meg Davis

The Right On! Podcast

Human Rights Activists Respond to COVID-19

Do we need to give up some human rights to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control? Could human rights offer us a way out of this global crisis? Every two weeks, a roundtable of inspiring activists from the global north and south explore these questions for forty minutes — introducing the global human rights movement, one amazing activist at a time. Moderated by Meg Davis in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Right on! Podcast