Global Health Centre
20 November 2020

Why are we failing to end AIDS? Engaging with the politics of data

The Right ON! Podcast

Why are we failing to end AIDS?

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened public interest in health data and mathematical models used to set priorities and measure progress in global health, but these tools can miss as much as they capture when it comes to discrimination, stigma, criminalisation, inequality and invisibility. This new episode of the Right On! Podcast explores how human rights and quantification collide in the global HIV response with Meg Davis and Ryan Whitacre from the Global Health Centre, Professor Cal Biruk, medical anthropologist, and Kenechukwu Esom, UN Development Programme policy officer. This discussion was recorded for the American Anthropological Association annual conference.

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The Right On! Podcast

Human Rights Activists Respond to COVID-19

Do we need to give up some human rights to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control? Could human rights offer us a way out of this global crisis? Every two weeks, a roundtable of inspiring activists and experts from the global north and south explore these questions for forty minutes. This podcast series is moderated by Meg Davis in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Right on! Podcast