Centre for International Environmental Studies
09 July 2020

'Why the Brazilian Amazon burns?' - Susanna Hecht

Our faculty member, Prof. Susanna Hecht, has written an article the current state of the Brazlian Amazon fires and its impact on the ecosystem.

Climate change has transformed the natural processes of our ecosystems. One consequence of climate change is mirrored through the rise of temperature which enhances more frequent wildfires. Prof. Susanna Hecht underlined that Australian fires were triggered by natural processes in comparison to the Amazon fires which were purposely set to clear land for speculation and agricultural use.

This article specifically focuses on the Brazilian Amazon as it hosts a large number of unknown species with highly varied habitat - therefore it would be complicated to estimate the number of species who died because of these fires. In her article, Prof. Susanna Hecht tries to find the reasons triggering these wildfires in the Amazon and the consequences.

To read the article, please follow this link.