Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy
03 September 2021


The “Diversity on the International Bench: Building Legitimacy for International Courts and Tribunals” project launches its podcast, hosted by Neus Torbisco-Casals and Andrew Clapham.

The SNF-funded project “Diversity on the International Bench: Building Legitimacy for International Courts and Tribunals”, housed at the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, launches its podcast series “Women in International Justice”. Starting September 3rd, this podcast series will continue the conversations and reflections prompted by the project’s vibrant public lecture series “Women’s Voices in the International Judiciary”, which has featured prominent women in the international judiciary. For this first season, guest speakers will include Mme. Françoise Tulkens (former ECtHR), Ms. Catherine Marchi-Uhel (IIIM-Syria), and Prof. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler (Lévy Kauffmann-Kohler).

This podcast series was conceived to provide reflections on the need for more diversity in the international justice system. International judges play an important role in what states can do and what rights we have as individuals. How one sees a just outcome to these tensions may depend on one’s own perspective and experience. Diversity is thus crucial if we want to ensure a more plural account of justice in international courts and tribunals. Moreover, individuals belonging to dominant groups may not be sensible to certain questions and plights for justice given their privileged social positioning. Ensuring the promotion of social equality at the global level then also depends on how diverse our international benches are.

Despite these concerns, international courts and tribunals remain largely pale, male, and stale. How to break with this configuration? How to chart (new) ways to ensure these institutions are representative of the plural societies on which they adjudicate? To address those and other related questions, this podcast series zooms in on the personal trajectories, challenges, and achievements of the women in international justice.

This first season will feature three episodes, one each month, starting from September 3rd. Join Neus Torbisco-Casals, Andrew Clapham, and these fascinating women in uncovering the inner workings of the international judiciary and women’s places within it. Subscribe now!


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Released episodes

Episode 1: Mme. Françoise Tulkens (3rd September)

Theme: Justice and Diversity for the future 


This podcast series is co-produced by the Graduate Institute’s Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy, the team of Diversity on the International Bench project, and the Research Office.