I'm currently not in Switzerland, is it safe to travel to Geneva?

If you wish to come to Geneva, some countries may implement measures and certain restrictions, before you travel, you should inquire at the embassy or consulate of the destination country and any transit countries about the current applicable measures. Follow local instructions from the local authorities.

However, from 6 July 2020, the Swiss Federal Council decided that people arriving in Switzerland from certain countries  are required to go into quarantine for 10 days. You will find out which countries are affected here.  You will have 2 days from the day of arrival into Switzerland to announce yourself to the cantonal authority. In Geneva it is an online survey that you need to complete. You will then receive recommendations and explanations that you must follow. Anyone who does not announce themselves or comply with the rules, can face a CHF10'000.00 fine. The Swiss authorities will be carrying out inspections.

If you are a current student, should you wish to return to Switzerland, you need to ensure you meet the regulations of your permit - more information can be found here.

Is there any clarity regarding how capstone projects will be proceeding from now on?

The capstones will be given online. If you have any questions, you can contact the Academic Coordinator for Interdisciplinary Programmes: Silke Olsen ( 

I was going on an exchange next semester. Is the programme still on track? If not, what are my options? Whom should I contact?

We work directly with our partners to make the exchange programmes work. However, nothing is certain, it will depend on how things develop. If the students concerned are not finally able to go on exchange, they will be able to take their third semester as normal (with the exception of capstones, which will have to be compensated by 9 optional course credits for interdisciplinary master degrees). Contact:

What are the recommendations for students doing long commutes between the Institute and house using public transportation?

Following the Federal Office of Public Health’s guidelines we recommend avoiding public transport and to go on foot or bicycle alternatively. If not possible, please observe the hygiene recommendations

Is it anticipated that students from abroad will be asked to leave Switzerland if the situation becomes grievous over time? Is the Institute prepared to assist the students in case that situation arises and how?

In accordance with the instructions of the health authorities, non-Swiss students are not asked to leave the country. They can continue to benefit from their residence permit and stay in Geneva.  

How should I go about getting my daily items (food, medicine, personal items, etc) to stay indoors safely should I believe I have some of the symptoms or I have been placed in quarantine?

There are a few options:

1. Ask a friend if they could help obtain some of your daily items. 

2. Go online. Here is a list of websites that provide food deliveries. The Canton of Geneva have also created this page which contains a lot of useful information.  Most pharmacies in Geneva provide these routine services: 

  • Accept prescriptions for medications directly from doctors, by fax or e-mail
  • Deliver medications

How to get medications?

  • Call your doctor. If medications are required, give the pharmacy’s contact details to your doctor.
  • Your doctor will fax or e-mail your prescription to the pharmacy
  • Call the pharmacy to confirm that the prescription arrived and to arrange home delivery.

3. Email and they will see how they can help you.

I’m currently living outside of Switzerland, what impact will this have on my permit?

Visit the Canton of Geneva’s website page for the latest update.

What Student Support and Wellbeing options are there during this period?

Visit our Support page here or consult our special coronavirus FAQ document.

I am having technical problems with my computer and cannot access my online classes. What should I do?

Contact the Service Desk either by email or by phone +41 22 908 44 44 / option 1

I do not have access to a computer and I need one in order to follow my course online. What can I do?

Students can contact the Service Desk by email and copy in where we can look into your request. If you have a computer already which isn't functioning, please state the issue you are experiencing in your email.

Will there be increased Emergency Funding or something similar for students whose financial situation has changed due to this crisis?

In light of the exceptional circumstance due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Switzerland and worldwide, we understand that some students may be affected financially and would require some financial assistance due to their particular situation caused by the pandemic. If you consider that you are adversely affected and are unable to cope with possible additional expenses, please complete this Special Aid form.

We will review your particular situation and will get back to you within a period of 2 weeks.

I am a newly admitted student, can I apply for financial assistance or Special Aid if I have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak? I was not offered financial assistance originally.

Special aid is only applicable to our current students. There will be no further financial assistance given to incoming students who were not already awarded a scholarship.

Can funding be requested during the vacation break if students find they are unexpectedly required to stay in Geneva and/or unable to find a job?

Email for more information or feel free to complete this Special Aid form

Will refunds be made to students who are unable to do online based learning?

Get in touch with your course professor and/or teaching assistant and ask for the recorded session to sent to you if you are unable to access it from Moodle. If you have any technical problems following the online courses, please do not hesitate to contact the Service Desk either by email or by phone +41 22 908 44 44 / option 1. If you have any additional issues related to this situation, contact