Housing Questions

Do I need to provide any additional information prior to the start of my new contract at the Student House?

In order for us to prepare your arrival in the best conditions, we ask all students including those who have already stayed with us to complete this short survey as soon as possible, using your @graduateinstitute.ch email address. 


Do I need to do quarantine when arrive in Switzerland? If so, can I do it at the Student House?

From the 6th of July 2020, the Swiss Federal Council decided that people arriving in Switzerland from certain countries  are required to go into quarantine for 10 days. You will find out which countries are affected here.  You will have 2 days from the day of arrival into Switzerland to announce yourself to the cantonal authority. In Geneva it is an online survey that you need to complete. You will then receive recommendations and explanations that you must follow. Anyone who does not announce themselves or comply with the rules, can face a CHF10'000.00 fine. The Swiss authorities will be carrying out inspections. If you have signed a housing contract with us, you will be able to carry out your quarantine at the Student House. 

If you are a current student, should you wish to return to Switzerland, you need to ensure you meet the regulations of your permit - more information can be found here.


I currently reside at the Edgar and Danièle de Picciotto Student House. Is it safe to stay there?

We have implemented all applicable measures to ensure you have a safe living environment however, we count on your sense of responsibility and expect you to follow recommended health guidelines not only for your own safety, but that of your fellow tenants as well.


When will the MdE gym open up again?

The gym is still closed until further notice. We may reopen the gym at the beginning of September 2020.


Can I host a small party in the common room?

For the time being, the rules for the use of the Common room have not been relaxed and this room remains limited to a maximum of 40 people for student purposes for the tenants of MdE.


Will a housing transfer be possible during the year?

Transfers should normally be possible between the two residences during the year. We will try to adopt as much flexibility as possible, however at this time, we are unable to confirm the transfer .


In regards to my renewal or new application, when will I hear if I have been accepted in MdE?

All students have been contacted with a decision. If you haven’t yet heard from us, please check your spam/junk folder and if you still hadn’t yet received a response, send an email to housing.administration@graduateinstitute.ch


I received a scholarship from the Institute. During the fall months that I am not in Geneva, can I use the scholarship at least to pay for the rent of my pre-arranged housing at MdE?

As the scholarship that has been awarded to you remains vested in you and you will begin to receive it in monthly instalments as soon as you arrive at the Institute (we cannot award scholarships to students who do not reside in Geneva), you will be unable to use your scholarship to pay your deposit nor your rent. However, once you arrive in Geneva, you can use your scholarship to pay for your cost of living here.


What happens if I accept the offer now and pay the deposit and I can’t join in September?

Given the current situation, we will be flexible in returning the deposit in the event that it is impossible for you to obtain a visa or to reach Geneva. A communication will be necessary on your part to inform us as soon as possible of your situation.


I accepted the housing offer and paid the deposit but I cannot obtain my visa and flights, will you still hold onto my room for the spring semester even though you have refunded my deposit?

If you are unable to join us in September and you have asked for a refund of your deposit, we will not be able to hold onto your room as we will try to accommodate other students who are in immediate need of accommodation. However, as soon as you know that you can come to Geneva and you have obtained your visa (if applicable) and booked your flights, in the situation that you still do not have an accommodation, contact the Admission Office who will try to help you find one. Do note that our new student residence is planned to be open early next year.

How do I apply for housing at MdE?

Apart from availability now until the end of August 2020,  we no longer have housing available from September 2020 onwards and we already have a number of people on a waiting list. 


My housing application was rejected. What do I do?

In order to find alternative accommodation, we invite you to check a dedicated listing of several accommodation options in Geneva. If you need any supporting documentation for alternative housing applications, contact the Admission Office. As soon as you know that you can come to Geneva and you have obtained your visa (if applicable) and booked your flights, in the situation that you still do not have an accommodation, contact the Admission Office who will try to help you find one. 


I’m now searching for another accommodation in Geneva. Should I try to get a contract only for the fall semester and expect to move into the new residence in the spring? 

As you also know, the construction of our new student residence has been delayed due to the pandemic. We plan to open it early next year and to welcome, in February, the students who would join us then or who would like to move from another accommodation.

When will the new student residence be built?

Subject to all the restrictions linked to the Covid 19 crisis and the resumption of construction under good conditions, the objective is to be able to open for housing in the spring semester of 2021.
A later, more precise confirmation will be communicated as soon as possible.