What Matters Today Podcast
22 May 2020

The historical impact of the coronavirus

This episode of "What Matters Today" marks the beginning of a special post-coronavirus series. Each episode will feature interviews with two professors and a student from one of our academic departments. 

Focusing on a post-coronavirus world


The focus of this special series is to discuss what a post-coronavirus world will look like from various points of views. 

This episode focuses on the historical impact of the coronavirus and features Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou, Professor of International History and Chair of the International History Department at the Graduate Institute; Davide Rodogno, Professor of International History; and Efrat Gilad, a PhD candidate in International History at the Graduate Institute.

The interview with Professor Mohamedou is based on an article he recently wrote in the Le Temps about geopolitics in a post-coronavirus world. In his segment, Professor Rodogno shares his thoughts on the overall historical impact of the coronavirus and Efrat Gilad discusses how food production might change as a result of the current pandemic.

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