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Economic Contagion: COVID-19 at the Intersection of Health, Finance and Trade

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Coronavirus Global Perspective: Weekly In-Depth Analysis

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Economic contagion is also spreading with COVID-19 around the world and has disrupted global financial and trade flows. How are financial actors reacting and what are the potential structural changes in the financial markets as a result? What can we learn from financial actors about making predictions in times of unprecedented uncertainty? Disruptions in global supply chains and commodity exports have implications for critical supplies and food security. What may be the longer term implications especially for developing countries?



  • Charles Robertson, Global Chief Economist, Renaissance Capital
  • Eric Aboussouan, Head of Strategy and Digitalization, Cargill Ocean Transportation
  • Moderated by Nadya Wells, Senior Research Adviser, Global Health Centre



Public Events Series on the Coronavirus

This public webinar series aims to offer an interdisciplinary analysis of the COVID-19 epidemic, explore national responses to the crisis and their impacts. The event series will serve as a platform for regular in-depth discussions between researchers from the Graduate Institute and other institutions and address various emerging thematics.


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