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Fragile Food Systems, Looming Hunger and COVID-19: Time for a Paradigm Shift?

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Coronavirus Global Perspective: Weekly In-Depth Analysis

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Under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global community adopted 17 global goals to improve lives by 2030; goal-2 pledges to end hunger. The world's food systems in theory should be the strategic drivers to reduce hunger, strengthen livelihoods, and improve health. Yet, despite the sufficient global food production, 821 million people are facing hunger every day, 1.9 billion people are overweight or obese, and a further 2 billion lack the essential vitamins and minerals in their diets to live healthily. Furthermore, COVID-19 is exacerbating the existing insecurities and weaknesses of the food systems driving these levels of malnutrition up. This webinar explores these challenges from the point of view of actors in the formal, informal, public and private sectors of the food systems, and their roles and responsibilities in ensuring access to quality and sufficient food. How can we turn the current crisis into an opportunity to rebuild food and health systems to deliver healthy and nutritious diets for all?



  • Uduak Igbeka, Country Support Manager, SUN Business Network
  • Githinji Gitahi, CEO, Amref Health Africa; Co-Chair, UHC2030 Steering Committee
  • Lina Mahy, Technical Officer, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, World Health Organization
  • Moderated by Steve Godfrey, Director for Policy and External Relations, GAIN



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