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What's law got to do with COVID-19?

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Coronavirus Global Perspective: Weekly In-Depth Analysis

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Under the International Health Regulations (IHR - 2005), 196 countries agreed to work together to strengthen global health security. With the help of WHO's guidance and coordination, states parties agreed to build their capacities to detect, assess and report public health events such as the coronavirus. While IHR includes specific measures to prevent and limit the international spread of diseases in cases of outbreaks, it also aims to avoid unnecessary travel and trade restrictions. In this webinar, experts in the field will discuss and address the following questions: How were the IHR implemented in the context of COVID-19? What are the observed weaknesses and strengths of IHR? What are the major gaps to improve global health security? Finally, what is the role of WHO both within and beyond the scope of the IHR?



  • Gian Luca Burci, Adjunct Professor, International Law; Academic Advisor, Global Health Centre
  • Steven Solomon, Principal Legal Officer for Governing Bodies, World Health Organization
  • Moderated by Suerie Moon, Co-Director, Global Health Centre


Public Events Series on the Coronavirus

This public webinar series aims to offer an interdisciplinary analysis of the COVID-19 epidemic, explore national responses to the crisis and their impacts. The event series will serve as a platform for regular in-depth discussions between researchers from the Graduate Institute and other institutions and address various emerging thematics.


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