Alice Baroni


PhD Researcher in International Relations & Political Science
Spoken languages
English, Italian, French
Areas of expertise
  • Armed conflicts, violence
  • Politics of culture and identity
  • Social movements
  • Postcolonial State
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Middle East

PhD Thesis


Title: Imperfect Struggles: Jewish-Israeli Activists for Palestinian Rights and the Paradox of Solidarity from a Position of Privilege

PhD Supervisor and Co-Supervisor: Keith Krause and Jonathan Luke Austin




Alice is a doctoral candidate in the International Relations/Political Science department. Her dissertation explores the paradoxes and dilemmas of solidarity from within colonial structures through the case of Jewish-Israeli activism for Palestinian rights. With an ethnographic approach, she focuses on activists’ negotiations and rearticulations of their own positionality and privilege in the lived contextual contingencies of their life and action. Her work is informed by critical, postcolonial, and feminist approaches to power and subjectivity, and is based on extensive fieldwork within activist networks in Israel-Palestine. Alice is affiliated to the Centre on Conflict, Development, and Peacebuilding (CCDP), where she assists the SNSF-funded Violence Prevention (VIPRE) Initiative. Prior to joining the Graduate Institute, she completed a Master in International Relations at the University of Bologna and a Bachelor in Political Science at the University of Milan.