Arushi Terway


Academic Director and Lead Instructor, Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies - Innovative Financing for Education
Theme Lead: Private Sector Approaches, NORRAG

Arushi Terway has examined innovative financing for education for the last ten years through an evidence-based approach. She has conducted research on the conceptualisation to implementation of complex innovative financing mechanisms within the education sector that aim to bring equitable quality education to all.  As the NORRAG Private Sector Approaches in education research lead, she has built a portfolio of knowledge products on innovative financing for education in achieving more and better financing for education in marginalised communities in developing countries. She has also co-edited the book on global trends in philanthropy in education, bringing out the experiences of a varied group of stakeholders in the global South. She has been teaching the course DE161: Innovative Financing for Education: Approaches and Debates at the Geneva Graduate Institute and will be teaching the Executive Education level course in 2023. Her past work has also included consulting for the Education Commission on recommendations for innovative financing, and developing domestic budget monitoring guidelines for GPE stakeholders. For over 16 years, she has worked on education policy, planning, and development at global organisations like the World Bank, GPE, USAID, SDC, IPNED, FHI360, OSF and R4D. She holds a Doctorate in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Master in Education in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Areas of Expertise

  • Education finance

  • Innovative financing

  • Education management policies

  • Teacher policy

  • Secondary education

  • Youth development


Select publications


Terway, A., Burnett, N., and Dreux Frotte, M. (2021) Results Based Financing in Education for Sub-national Governments and School Administrators: A Conceptual Framework and Practical Recommendations. Working Paper #12. Geneva: NORRAG.

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