Aurel Niederberger


Postdoctoral researcher
Areas of expertise
  • International organisations, UN
  • International Security/Defence
  • International political sociology
  • Governance
  • Science and technology

Aurel Niederberger is a postdoctoral researcher at the ERC project on “Bombs, Banks, and Sanctions.” He studies knowledge production in international organizations, global expert networks, and the integration of epistemic and diplomatic practices. His research focuses on the domain of international security, namely the UN Security Council and the monitoring of UN sanctions. Before joining the ERC project in 2019, Aurel was a postdoctoral fellow and course instructor at McGill University, Montreal, and a junior visiting fellow at the IWM Vienna. He received his PhD from the Graduate Institute in 2017. During his PhD, Aurel was a visiting doctoral student at the CERI, SciencesPo Paris, and at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. He received two mobility grants from the Swiss National Science Foundation and a joint grant from the Graduate Institute and the IWM Vienna.


Selected Publications

"Targeting Bad Apples or the Whole Barrel? The Legal Entanglements Between Targeted and Comprehensive Logics in Counter-Proliferation Sanctions", in: Nico Krisch (ed.), Entangled Legalities Beyond the State, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021, forthcoming (with Grégoire Mallard).

“Independent Experts with Political Mandates: `Role Distance’ in the Production of Political Knowledge.” European Journal of International Security 5 (3), 2020: 350–71.

“Investigative Ignorance in International Investigations: How United Nations Panels of Experts Create New Relations of Power by Seeking Information.” The British Journal of Sociology 69 (4), 2018: 984–1006.