Camille Giraut

Camille Giraut

PhD Researcher in Anthropology and Sociology
Spoken languages
French, English, Portuguese
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Brazil

PhD Thesis


PhD Supervisor & Co-Supervisor: Graziella Moraes Silva and Veronica Toste Daflon (UFF- Brazil)

Expected completion date: 2022-2023

My PhD project focuses on the rhetoric, expectations and experiences of students beneficiaries of affirmative action policies in France and Brazil. I’m interested in analyzing how Brazilian students who benefit from quotas in Brazilian public universities and French students who benefit from Sciences Po Paris' program (Convention Education Prioritaire) mobilize the language of ethno-cultural or racial difference to make sense of affirmative action policies in their country.  Relatedly, I look at the dilemmas these two models of affirmative action policies- characterized on the one side by the salience of race and the other by the refusal of the language of race- create for students, when they position themselves to it.  
In the case of Brazil, I observe how the recent controversies on racial fraud in Brazil may influence student’s understanding of the policy, and their feeling of legitimacy to benefit from it.


Relevant publications and works


Giraut, Camille, Book review of Lépinard, Éléonore. Feminist Trouble: Intersectional Politics in Post-Secular Times. Oxford University Press, USA, 2020, in TSANTSA 26/2021 Dis/connection Matters: Natural, Synthetic, Digital, June 2021            

Giraut, Camille, "Subjectivation et (afro)féminisme dans le funk carioca", Sociétés politiques comparées, 49, septembre/décembre 2019


Academic work experience


Teaching Experience

Fall 2018: Teaching Assistant for the course "Dealing with the Past and Transitional Justice: Comparative Perspectives" by Riccardo Bocco (ANSO086)

Fall 2018: Teaching Assistant for the course "Comprendre l'Afrique de l'Est aujourd'hui : Histoire et anthropologie/East Africa Between History and Anthropology" by Yvan Droz and Aidan Russel (ANSO080)

Spring 2019: Teaching Assistant of the Yves Oltramare Chair ‘Religion and Politics in the Contemporary World’, IHEID, Geneva, Chair holder: Jean-François Bayart. Course "Religion et politique en Afrique" (ANSO053). Pedagogical responisiblities to deliver weekly seminars to support students not fluent in French

2020: Teaching Assistant for the online class « Raça e Política », led by Flávia Rios and organized by Unicamp

Fall 2018, fall 2019 and fall 2020:  2 hour intervention at Fribourg University on gender and intersectionality in the course "Introduction à l’anthropologie sociale" led by David Bozzini


Research Experience

2018 : Research Assistant for the project "Global Race" led by Graziella Moraes da Silva

2019-2023: Main Researcher for the project "Affirmative Action and Reconceptualization of Race: The Positionnings of Black Collectives in Brazil" (SNF Doc.CH Grant)


Fellowships, Grants and Awards


SNF Doc.CH Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2019-2023)