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Christian Winkler

PhD researcher - International relations
Spoken languages
English, German, French
Areas of expertise
  • Political Economy
  • Trade
  • International Negotiations
  • International Economics
  • Economic geography
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Europe
  • United States


Title: Trade as a multidimensional policy space: How social, environmental, and geopolitical considerations shape trade policy

PhD Supervisor: Cédric Dupont

PhD CO Supervisor: Julia Cajal Grossi

Expected completion date: 2025

The objective of my PhD research is to shed light on the non-economic aspects of trade policy. I seek to develop a holistic understanding of trade policy as a multidimensional policy space encompassing economic and non-economic dimensions. The overreaching focus of my PhD research is on how countries mitigate the tensions between economic, and social, environmental, and geopolitical objectives in trade policy. The three papers constituting my thesis seek to answer the following questions: (I) What is the effect of domestic uncertainty on PTA formation and design? (II) How has the menu of trade policy choices for governments changed over time and under which conditions do governments choose one trade policy over another? (III) What are the effects of national legislations concerning Global Value Chains (GVCs) on the sourcing strategies of firms?



Christian Winkler is a PhD candidate in International Relations/Political Science and Economics (Minor) at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). He is part of the SNSF funded research project on “Package Trade Agreements” at the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI).
His research interests lie at the intersection of global trade and foreign policy. In particular, he is interested in how social, environmental and geo-political considerations shape trade policy-making. He holds a MA in International Political Economy from King’s College London and a BA in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz.
Previously, he worked for the European Central Bank, the German Economic Ministry and private consultancies.




  • SNSF Research Assistant | Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID)
  • Academic Tutor | Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Konstanz




Monetary Policy Communications Trainee  Senior Management Team, European Central Bank
Intern | Public Management Consulting, PWC
Research Intern | Economic Policy Analysis, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs




  • Winkler, C., I. Gutierrez and S. Hauser (2023). Global Value Chains: The Road to Resilience. In: M. Elsig, R. Polanco and K. Claussen (Eds), The Concept Design of 21 Century Trade Agreements. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Forthcoming]
  • Menzel, C. and C. Winkler (2019). Zur Diskussion der Effekte Künstlicher Intelligenz in der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Literatur. BMWi, Diskussionspapier Nr. 8. 




Swiss Academy of the Social Sciences (SAGW) Conference funding
Postgraduate Scholar DAAD (full scholarship)

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Christian Winkler