Henrique Sposito

Henrique SPOSITO

PhD Candidate in International Relations & Political Science
SNSF Research Assistant
Spoken languages
English, Portuguese, French
Areas of expertise
  • Computational Social Sciences
  • Text analysis
  • Social networks
  • Comparative politics
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Brazil
  • United States

PhD Thesis

Provisional PhD Thesis Title: On “doing politics”: Authenticity, problem construction, and urgency in political discourses

PhD Completion Date: 2024

PhD Supervisor: James Hollway and Yanina Welp (co-supervisors)

Henrique is currently a PhD candidate at the International Relations and Political Science Department at the Graduate Institute. His dissertation leverages advanced text analysis techniques in R, such as supervised machine learning, to investigate how authenticity, problem construction, and urgency appear and change over time and across settings in discursive politics.


Henrique holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and master’s degree in International Relations and Political Science from the Graduate Institute. Since 2020, he works as a Research Assistant in the “PANARCHIC: Power and Network and the Rate of Change in Institutional Complexes” project at the Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES). For the project, he develops, contributes, and helps maintain several R packages that assist researchers dealing with multiple, overlapping, and uncertain datasets across various domains of global governance.

Research Interests

  • political discourses
  • climate change
  • migration
  • political sociology

Publications and Works