Jérôme Duberry


Spoken languages
French, English, Spanish
Areas of expertise
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Civil society, social movements and NGOs
  • Democratic governance
  • Strategic foresight
  • Action-research


Dr. Jérôme Duberry is Managing Director of the Tech Hub, Academic Advisor of the Executive Programme in Diplomacy, Negotiation and Policy-Making, and Senior Research Fellow at the Albert Hirschman Center on Democracy (AHCD) and at the Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES). 

His research activities focus on the technology - civil society nexus. He first studied how non-governmental organizations use digital technologies to make their voices heard in global environmental governance. He demonstrated that, under specific conditions, digital technologies can enhance participation and consensus building. More recently, his research explores the social and political implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in democratic processes. His latest book, Artificial Intelligence and Democracy, explores the intermediation of AI in the citizen-government relation and calls for an innovative and human-centered AI governance that prioritizes equality, freedom, human rights and popular sovereignty. Since 2022, Jérôme co-leads a scientific communication project on storytelling, youth, and artificial intelligence funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

At the Institute, Jérôme teaches courses related to digital and emerging technologies, including "Technologies reshaping the conduct and future of international relations", "Cybersecurity and Virtual Insecurity", "Digital Innovation in Nature Conservation" and "Digital Diplomacy and Power Relations on Cyberspace".

Jérôme holds two Master's degrees in International Relations (IHEID) and Diplomacy (Diplomatic School of Madrid, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and a PhD in International Relations (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona). As part of his interest in innovative forms of participation and collective intelligence, he trained in the facilitation of foresight and design thinking.



Books : 

  • Duberry, J. (2022). Artificial Intelligence and Democracy : Risks and Promises of AI-Mediated Citizen-Government Relations. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. 
  • Duberry, J. (2019). Global Environmental Governance in the Information Age: Civil Society Organizations and Digital Media. Abingdon, UK : Routledge.

Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters: 

  • Duberry, J. (2022). Civic tech : opportunités et défis de la participation citoyenne au sein de la société 4.0. In : Paul, E. and Demierre, P. (eds.), Smart à tout prix? Défis de la numérisation au temps de la Covid-19. Lausanne, Switzerland : Fondation Jean Monnet.
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