Juliette Ganne

Juliette GANNE

PhD Researcher in International Relations & Political Science
Spoken languages
English, French
Areas of expertise
  • Regime complexity
  • International and regional organizations
  • Global governance
  • European Union
  • International organisations, UN
  • NATO and alliance relations
  • Peacekeeping, peacebuilding, reconstruction policy
  • Global order, norm contestation
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Central African Republic

PhD Thesis


Title: Complexity on the Ground: Interactions among International and Regional Organizations

PhD Supervisor: Stephanie Hofmann

Expected completion date: 2022

The last decades have seen an increase in the number of interventions in conflict and post-conflict zones led by multinational organizations and this trend does not seem to recede. Almost mechanically, this created environments where multiple organizations are intervening simultaneously. This thesis focuses on interactions in the field among organizations conducting missions and operations. Using regime complexity theories, this project proposes to understand how relations among organizations are translated and adapted in the field. I suggest that two separate, but interrelated types of interactions at play here: first, the complex cooperation/competition/dismissal dynamics among organizations in the field. Second, the feedback loop created between headquarters and field offices. I use an innovative methodology combining social network analysis and stories-oriented interviews.




Juliette Ganne studies interactions among multinational organizations in conflict and post-conflict contexts using regime complexity theories. Her methodology combines social network analysis and qualitative interviewing. She conducted fieldwork in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, France, and Switzerland.


Academic work experience


Research Experience

Visiting researcher at the MacMillan Center at Yale University.


Research Interests


  • Complex systems
  • Mixed-method


Fellowships, Grants and Awards


  • SNSF doc.mobility 2021-2022