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PhD Researcher in Anthropology and Sociology
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Ecuador

PhD Thesis

PhD Supervisor: Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff

Expected completion date: 2021-2022

In my PhD, developed in the department of Anthropology and Sociology, I propose a research of alternatives to capitalism with an alternative approach. In this sense, I research how the concept of sumak kawsay (translated as Buen Vivir/Good Living) emerges as alternative of life for kayambi people in Cayambe, Ecuador. This ongoing research is based on a collaborative ethnography, in which encounters of subjects of the South allows the cultivation of an ecology of knowledges. Specifically, my encounter with agroecological women, other interlocutors from different indigenous communities and the leaders from the Confederation of Kayambi People potentially enables a resignification of sumak kawsay in their daily life. My previous research focused on the struggle of afrodescendant women against the coloniality of megaevents during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. I also have research experience with transitional justice, bioethics, gender and human rights.

Country of origin: Brazil


Relevant Publications and Works


da Silva-Araujo, L.  (2016). Diferencia en campo: prácticas económicas y Amefricanidade de las Baianas de Acarajé contra FIFA. Journal of Social Economics and Cooperativa Studies. 24(109), xx-xx. doi: 10.16925/co.v24i109.1505

Araujo, L. (2020). Um estudo de caso sobre baianas de acarajé contra a FIFA: o sistema colonial moderno global visto em perspectiva. In: Menezes, R. (org.). Geopolítica, desigualdade global e desconexão forçada: as periferias no início do século XXI. Editora UnB. ISBN 978-85-230-0900-7.

Araujo, L. (2020). Baianas de Acarajé against FIFA: Coloniality Nowadays. Alternautas. Vol.7 – Issue 1. ISSN - 2057-4924


Academic Work Experience


Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant at the Graduate Institute for the following courses:
2018 (ANSO096) - Screening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Competing and Complementary Narratives Through Cinematic Representations

2018 (DE156) - Elites and Inequalities

2018 and 2020 (DE132) - History, Theory and Practice of Development

2018 (DE139) - Gender and Development: From Theory to Practice

2019 (MINT160) - Social Inquiry and Qualitative Research for International Affairs and Development

2021 (MINT 007) - Economic Development of Resource-Rich Countries

2021 (MINT 125) - Agrarian Transformation and Mobilisation: Land, Labour and Technology