Moira FAUL

Moira FAUL



Moira is Executive Director of NORRAG, an Associate Programme of the Institute. Prior to this post, she was Deputy Director of the Public-Private Partnership Centre at the University of Geneva (2016-2020), and was also Visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute (IHEID) in 2019. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and a teaching qualification from the University of Oxford. Previously, she held a Visiting Research Fellowship at the UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) and successfully led a UK Research Councils-funded programme on knowledge exchange between research and policy at the University of Cambridge. Originally from Zimbabwe, Moira brings substantial expertise in international cooperation, as well as in organizational development and management in the private and voluntary sectors in China, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.




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In preparation

  • Faul, M. V. and Laura M. Savage. (under contract) Systems Thinking in International Education and Development: Unlocking Learning for All? Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Karakulak, O. and M. V. Faul. How does discursive context shape social partnership value creation in business partnerships for refugees? (under review at Business and Society).
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  • Faul, M. V., L. B. Andonova and B. S. Gabriel. The effectiveness of global partnerships: A multi-disciplinary review and citation network analysis (to be submitted to Review of International Organizations).

Edited collections

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Current research projects

  • SNIS: Effectiveness of public-private partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals (led by IHEID, with ETHZ, Harvard & Oxford)
  • Partnership governance boards as spaces between fields (paper under review at ISQ)
  • Faultlines in multistakeholderism?: Opening up the black box of partnership governance
  • What is the utility of network approaches in explaining research-policy processes?
  • Combining economic, environmental and social logics for sustainable development
  • The effects of networked governance on combining institutional logics for sustainability.