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Noémie Laurens

PostDoc Researcher - International Relations

Noémie Laurens is a postdoctoral researcher at the Geneva Graduate Institute. She completed her PhD in political science at Université Laval. Previously, she obtained a joint Master’s degree in Management and business law from HEC Paris and Université Paris I, and a Master’s degree in environmental economics from Université de Bordeaux. Her mixed-method doctoral thesis deals with when, why, and how international environmental agreements evolve over time. Her research interests more broadly include environmental governance, trade-environment politics, institutional change, and institutional design.

In 2022, Noémie won the prestigious Oran R. Young Prize from the Earth System Governance project for her article entitled "Institutional adaptation in slow motion: Zooming in on desertification governance". She also received an excellence doctoral grant from the Montreal Research Centre in Public Law.

From 2017 to 2022, Noémie worked as a research assistant at the Canada research chair in international political economy and contributed to building and analyzing large datasets of trade and environmental treaties.

Noémie is also particularly interested in mixed methods research and taught an undergraduate course on the structuration of research to a group of 100 students in 2021. 

She was a visiting researcher at McGill University (Montreal) in 2019, at the Graduate Institute (Geneva) in 2020, and at the Montreal Center for International Studies (CÉRIUM) in 2021.

Dissertation: Learning to embrace change: On adaptive environmental treaties (research funded by the Quebec Research Fund - Society and Culture)


List of publications:

Laurens, N., Brandi, C. & Morin, J-F. (2021). Climate and trade policies: From silos to integration. Climate Policy, 22(2), 248-253.

Laurens, N., Dove, Z., Morin, J-F., & Jinnah, S. (2021). NAFTA and the environment: Decades of measured progress. In Gagné, G. & Rioux, M. (Eds.) NAFTA 2.0: From the first NAFTA to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 157-180.

Laurens, N. (2020). Meta-analysis: A solution to deal with scientific information overload when conducting research syntheses. In Morin, J-F., Olsson, C. & Atikcan, E. Ö. (Eds.) Research Methods in the Social Sciences: An A-Z of Key Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press. pp.163-165.

Laurens, N. & Morin, J-F. (2019). Negotiating environmental protection in trade agreements: A regime shift or a tactical linkage? International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 19(6), 533-556.

Laurens, N., Dove, Z., Morin, J-F., & Jinnah, S. (2019). NAFTA 2.0: The greenest trade agreement ever? World Trade Review, 18(4), 659-677.  

Work in progress:

Laurens, N., Hollway, J. & Morin, J-F. (invited to revise and resubmit). Checking for updates: Ratification, design, and institutional adaptation.

Laurens, N. (invited to revise and resubmit). Institutional adaptation in slow motion: Zooming in on desertification governance.

Laurens, N. (submitted). A springboard or a safeguard? The repercussions of affinity on treaty adaptability.

Brandi, C., Laurens, N., Morin, J.-F., Schwab, J. (working paper). Trade provisions in MEAs: An incentive to join the club?

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Noémi Laurens