Roxana Elena_Manea

Roxana Elena MANEA

Research Assistant, Centre for International Environmental Studies

Project: The Impact of Compulsory School Laws in a Developing Country Context: Examining Impacts and Explanations in Sub-Saharan Africa


Roxana is a PhD candidate in Development Economics at the Graduate Institute. Under the guidance of Professors Tim Swanson and Martina Viarengo, she has been studying the impact that the introduction of compulsory schooling laws has had on a sample of sub-Saharan societies. Specifically, she is researching the influence of such laws on the timing of marriage, fertility decisions, child labour and the incidence of crime. Roxana has been a research assistant at CIES since September 2016 and she has previously collaborated with the Global Environmental Finance Unit of the United Nations Development Programme as well as with the organisation’s Regional Service Centre for Africa and with Oak Foundation.