Ruoyi SONG

Ruoyi SONG

Master’s Researcher in International Economics
Research Fellow, Centre for Finance and Development
Spoken languages
Mandarin, English, French
Areas of expertise
  • Social Protection and Labor Rights
  • Trade and Development
  • Gender studies
  • Health Economics


Ruoyi Song is a master’s candidate in International Economics at the Graduate Institute and a research assistant at the Centre for Finance and Development. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Economics from Mount Holyoke College in the United States. Prior to joining the institute, she worked on women’s economic inclusion and trade projects in Pakistan, Morocco, and the US. She has also worked as a research assistant for the International Labour Organization (ILO) on essential and informal workers. Her research focuses on social protection, trade and development with a gender lens. She is interested in applying statistical and spatial analysis with real-world data to conduct evidence-based evaluations. 

Research Experience

  • Researcher affiliate, Centre for Finance and Development (CFD), IHEID
  • Research Assistant, TASC Platform at Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI), IHEID
  • External Collaborateur, International Labour Organization
  • Research Assistant, Mercy Corps Evaluation Project



  • New York Alumni Chapter Scholarship
  • Bardwell Memorial Fellowship
  • Harriet Newhall Fellow 
  • Sigma Iota Rho