Ruxandra Stoicescu


Areas of expertise
  • Interdisciplinary research in the history of ideas
  • Research Design Methods in the history of ideas
  • Intersectoral media production for the dissemination of scientific research
  • Development of arts/social science participative formats for students and chosen audiences
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Turkey


Dr. Ruxandra Stoicescu is a Geneva Graduate Institute alumna who has built her professional practice at the crossroads between research and cultural mediation of scientific knowledge.

She is interested in applied research and the design of formats that blend art (at large) and science, with a particular focus on processes and their learning outcomes.

Thanks to forays into media production, sound installations, and event design, she proposes in her courses a series of skills that emphasise the importance of culture, artistic languages, rigorous research methods and sensitivity to current debates and issues that concern new generations of students wishing to engage with the world that surrounds and impacts us.