Sara Hellmuller CCDP


Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich
Spoken languages
English, German, French, Italian
Areas of expertise
  • Peacebuilding, peacekeeping, peacemaking / mediation
  • Multilateralism, international organisations UN
  • Diversity and local-global interactions
  • Norm diffusion and contestation
  • Armed conflicts
  • Knowledge production and science-policy transfer
  • Qualitative research methods and ethics of field research
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Syria
  • DR Congo

Sara Hellmüller is an SNSF Assistant Professor leading the PRIMA project "A child of its time: the impact of world politics on peacebuilding", with the Graduate Institute's Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP). She was an academic visitor at the University of Oxford in the fall term 2022. Until 2019, she worked as senior researcher at swisspeace and lecturer at the University of Basel. Moreover, between 2017 and 2019, she was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Montreal. Sara obtained her PhD in Political Science from the University of Basel. During her doctoral studies, she was a researcher and research coordinator at swisspeace, a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York, and an affiliated researcher at the University of Bunia in DR Congo.
Sara has (co-)led several multi-annual research projects, such as on the role of norms in mediation (2015-2019, funded by the SNSF), civil society inclusion in mediation (2018-2020, funded by the United States Institute of Peace), and most recently on how changing world politics influence UN peace operations (2020-2024, funded by the SNSF). She has also obtained funding for shorter-term projects implemented in cooperation with partners in Lebanon, Norway, Syria, Turkey, and the United States. Her research has been published in English, French, and German and she is the author of the book “Partners for Peace” (2018, Palgrave Macmillan). In the framework of her employment at swisspeace, Sara has built up their Syria program (including direct support to the UN office of the Special Envoy for Syria from 2016 on 2018) and has been involved in several peace processes, such as in Guinea-Conakry, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, and Darfur.

Expertise details

  • Impact of changing world politics on UN peace operations

  • Interaction between local and international peacebuilding actors

  • Local, national, regional, and international aspects of armed conflicts and their interplay

  • United Nations peacemaking (particularly in Syria) and peacekeeping (particularly in DR Congo)

  • Norm diffusion in mediation processes (particularly the norms of inclusivity and impartiality)

  • Knowledge production on peacebuilding and its transfer to policy and practice

Publication List

Publications (selection)


Peer reviewed articles in scientific journals

Hellmüller, Sara, “A Trans-Scalar Approach to Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice: Insights from the Democratic Republic of Congo”, forthcoming in Cooperation and Conflict.

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guest edited special issues

Goetschel, Laurent; Sara Hellmüller, Kristoffer Lidén, 2023, “Knowledge Production on Peace”, International Affairs, forthcoming.

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Other peer-reviewed contributions

Hellmüller, Sara; Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 2019, “UN-led mediation in Syria and civil society”, Accord Issue on “Navigating Inclusion in Peace Processes”, London: Conciliation Resources.

Hellmüller, Sara; Julia Palmiano Federer; Jamie Pring, 2017, “Are Mediators Norm Entrepreneurs? Exploring the Role of Mediators in Norm Diffusion”, Working Paper, Vol. 4, Bern: swisspeace.



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Book chapters

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Policy Articles

Hellmüller, Sara, 2019, “Congo’s elections had a startling result. This is what’s going on”, Monkey Cage, Washington Post, Link.

Hellmüller, Sara; Marie-Joëlle Zahar, 2018, “Against the Odds: Civil Society in the Intra-Syrian Talks”, Issue brief, New York: International Peace Institute, Link.

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