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Co-Director, Global Governance Centre
Associate Professor, International Relations/Political Science
Associated Faculty, Centre for International Environmental Studies
Spoken languages
English, German
Areas of expertise
  • Environment, environmental policies, law, and economics
  • Governance, local and international
  • International organisations, UN
  • Networks, social and political
  • Global fisheries governance

DPhil, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Faculty member since 2015, Professor Hollway is Co-Director of Professional Skills Training for International Relations/Political Science. He is also affiliated with the Centre for International Environmental Studies, the Global Governance Centre and the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration. Before coming to the Graduate Institute, Professor Hollway was a postdoctoral research fellow at ETH Zürich and USI Lugano. Theoretically, he investigates theories about how actors relate to each other and resources through institutions. Empirically, this relies on collecting data on the governance of complex global fields of social activity such as the environment or trade. Methodologically, he develops methods, especially statistical network models, for researching dynamic, multilevel phenomena.


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James Hollway
James Hollway

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