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Spoken languages
English, French, Dutch
Areas of expertise
  • Economics of innovation and technological change
  • Environment, environmental policies, law, and economics
  • Energy
  • Climate, climate change, natural disasters
  • Applied microeconomics


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Joëlle Noailly is Head of Research of the Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES) and Lecturer in the Department of International Economics at the Geneva Graduate Institute. Since January 2020, she also holds an appointment as Associate Professor in Environmental Economics at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. 

Her teaching activities cover the fields of environmental, energy and resource economics. Her academic research provides perspective on how environmental and climate change policies can induce firms to increase their investments in clean technologies, using econometric techniques and more recently machine learning algorithms for text analytics. Her work has been published both in disciplinary journals in economics such as the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, or Environmental and Resource Economics as well as in interdisciplinary journals with a wider audience, such as Energy Policy.

Her research helps inform policymaking on issues of green growth, energy transition, net-zero carbon pathways, financing breakthrough innovation and technology transfers to the developing world.  Her expertise regularly assists international policy organizations such as the OECD, WIPO, European Investment Bank, WTO, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (UNEP/World Bank/GGGI) as well as national governments and the private sector.

Joëlle Noailly holds a Ph.D. in environmental and resource economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a M.Phil in economics from the Tinbergen Institute and a M.Sc in environmental economics from the University of Delaware, USA. Her PhD dissertation developed new theories for sustainable development and the management of open-access natural resources, based on interdisciplinary insights from ecology, biology and economics. She received a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship from the European Commission in 2013 and has been awarded research grants from the Swiss Science Foundation, the Swiss Network of International Studies and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. She is a research fellow of the Tinbergen Institute in the Netherlands and of the RWI Research Network in Germany. Since 2020, she is also Co-Editor of the journal Environmental and Resource Economics.



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Joëlle Noailly