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The changing American drug policy landscape

Khalid Tinasti, CCDP Research Associate
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This event will provide the IHEID community and students with insights on several interlinked and crosscutting dimensions of drug control.

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Event description

With 107'622 overdose deaths related to drug use in 2021, ongoing states' legalisation of marijuana, the presidential pardon of federal marijuana possession charges, the decriminalisation of drug use in some states and the inclusion of harm reduction in federal policies, the US has been experiencing major changes in its domestic drug policy, practice and outcomes in recent years. This one-hour discussion will explore the dimensions of drug policy reform in America, where the "war on drugs" paradigm was first-adopted in 1971, and the impacts and influences these domestic changes bring into the international debate on drug control policy and its normative framework, with a focus on the impacts on Latin America.

The event will be moderated by Khalid Tinasti, Research Associate at the CCDP.


about the speakers

The panellists bring a wealth of practice and expertise on different dimensions of drug control in the US: