José Manuel Campa

Current and future challenges for the EU banking sector

José Manuel Campa, Chairperson, European Banking Authority
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Auditorium Ivan Pictet, Maison de la paix, Geneva

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José Manuel Campa is the current Chairperson of the European Banking Authority.

After studying law and economics at the University of Oviedo and earning his PhD in economics from Harvard University, Mr. Campa taught finance at New York University and the IESE Business School and consulted for a number of international organisations including the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements and the European Commission.

He then served as the 10th Secretary of State for Economy of the Spanish government and was most recently Director of Regulatory affairs of the Santander Bank.

Mr Campa will give a lecture on: “Current and future challenges for the EU banking sector”

The current macroeconomic outlook might prove challenging for banks. Although they count on significant capital and liquidity buffers, they need to be prepared to weather a potential adverse scenario. Banks are also facing increasing funding costs as they need to repay substantial amounts of central bank loans in 2023 and 2024. Although profitability has recently improved amid rising rates. More importantly, the banks are confronted with structure challenges. Technological innovation has foster competition from new business models and requires incumbent institutions to restructure and redefine their business models. At the same time, the regulatory progress towards the completion of a banking union within the EU is necessary to exploit the benefits and economies of scale of the large single market in the EU.

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