Gender Seminar Series
Ximena Osorio Garate

Forced sterilisations and the violence of the everyday

Ximena Osorio Garate, Geneva Graduate Institute
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Room S10 (P3 506)

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In this presentation, Ximena Osorio Garate tries to understand how the violence of forced and coerced sterilisations intersects with the violence of everyday life of campesina women in Peru. Based on her recent fieldwork in the Peruvian Andean regions, she tries to make sense of how anti-natalist violence – a gendered, racial, and colonial violence – unravels and takes meaning in the context of the lives of the women who suffered it, marked by state abandonment, scarcity, gendered and racial discrimination, and resistance in the struggle for truth, justice, and reparations.


About the speaker

Ximena Osorio Garate is a PhD candidate in International Relations and Political Science at the Geneva Graduate Institute. Her doctoral thesis investigates technologies of reproductive control and anti-natalist violence, exploring the conditions of possibility that enabled the forced and coerced sterilisations of campesina women in Peru – and similalry, racialised women around the world – and simultaneously, the processes by which this violence is made invisible. Her research interests include feminist and decolonial theories, political violence, reproductive technologies, and activism and art for reproductive justice.



The Gender Centre has developed this series of research seminars in order to offer a platform for exchange for students, doctoral students in particular, and researchers whose work includes a gender perspective. During this monthly series, researchers have the opportunity to discuss their work, meet peers from different disciplines at the Graduate Institute, as well as interact with other students, guest speakers and faculty members.

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