Dancing Jacobins a Venezuelan genealogy of Latin American populism

Rafael SáNCHEZ

"This long-awaited book presents an insightful and at the same time rollicking account of the Latin American populist form the author terms 'monumental governmentality.' It combines a theatricalizing of political leaders to a sometimes absurdly gigantic and statesque extent with those leaders' antic efforts to effectuate their political power through a syncopated, winking, salsa-like personal style that appeals directly to the mass audience. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is the prime example, and the central focus of the book. Theoretically, the book is a marvelously rich example of anthropological writing, which can be read with pleasure by those not Latin Americanists for its insights in practical and poltiical philosophy. Historically and in term of policy, it gives an excellent account of a Latin American political style that tends simply to be laughed at in the U.S.--but that persists and is effective nonethess"--From publisher's website