The global relevance of Afghan migration a state-of-the-art review and repository

Tobias Christophe Michael MARSCHALL

This study addresses the global relevance of Afghan migration and the scope and impact of German Official Development Assistance (ODA) to migration, during the twenty years of the NATO-led intervention (2001-2021). First, it will review normative definitions of a variety of movements cast under the generic term "migration" in international treaties and among international organisations. It will then address the complex entanglement of war and migration beyond the simplistic refuge lens towards a more comprehensive understanding of migration beyond conventional push and pull factors. It will tackle the magnitude of the movements triggered by the different phases of the intervention between 2001 and 2021 and address their relative success or failure concerning the SDG 16 to "promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies." Given that migration research produced a large body of work, especially from Central Europe and Switzerland, this study will present critical perspectives and review its conclusions about German ODA. As concluding remarks, it formulates several recommendations.