International Law
19 March 2018

Students mobilise to support migrants in Mexico

Two Graduate Institute student initiatives, Latin America Network Initiative and Migration Initiative have joined forces to raise funds for Mexican NGO ‘La 72, Hogar – Refugio para personas migrantes', a shelter for migrants seeking to cross to the United States.

“In 2010, 72 migrants were massacred in Northern Mexico”, says Alan Mayo Flota (MA International Law). “As a memorial of this atrocity, a shelter was constructed in Tabasco. La 72 receives more than 14,000 migrants and asylum seekers, providing them with food, legal counseling and spiritual counseling.”

“The plight of refugees is an issue that moves people hearts, but we tend to think we can’t do much to help”, says Irene Manganini (MA International Law). “It’s necessary to try to do something, even on a small scale, and to invest a bit of your time in things that matter. We thought that asking them to cook and bring their dinner was an ideal way for them to get involved.”

Graduate Institute students Serena Ariello, Charlotte Greener, Agathe Schwaar, Stefania di Stefano, Ximena Galvez Lima, Cecilia Gas Paramo, Maria Mercedes Carballo and Melba Sanchez Fernandez joined Alan and Irene in organising a fundraising dinner for LA72, “FOOD for FOOD”, which raised 1200 CHF, enough to provide six weeks’ of food for over 8,000 people. LANI and Migration Initiative are planning further fundraising activities, and you can get involved – contact them via Facebook and learn more in the video with Alan and Irene below.

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