Capstone Project
06 January 2020

The Graduate Institute Calling for Partners to Usher in a New Decade of Student Collaborations

Capstone Applied Research Projects are gearing up for their 10th year and the Graduate Institute is seeking partner organisations to collaborate with master students. The aim is for students to conduct innovative research for a partner organisation addressing a particular global challenge.

Capstone Projects pair small groups of students with external partners found in the diverse sectors of International Geneva. To become a Capstone partner, organisations must propose a research challenge, including any necessary background information and an initial set of research questions. Based on these proposals, students undertaking either a Master in International Affairs or a Master in Development Studies will then apply for a project of their choosing.

Students participate in the research projects over the course of two academic semesters, beginning in March and ending the following December. During this time, they uncover solutions posed by partners on various thematic areas aligned with the specialisation tracks of their specific master programme: mobilities, spaces and cities; power, conflict and development; environment, resources and sustainability; trade and international finance; and global security.
Learn more about the Capstone Projects and how your organisation can become a partner

Graduate Institute students present their Capstone Projects at the United Nations’ Palais des Nations for Geneva Peace Week.