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Albert Hirschman Dentre on Democracy

Forced migration and transnational activism: The case of Colombian women in exile

Timeline: 2023-26

Funding organisation: Swiss National Science Foundation, Doc.CH

Keywords: Women in exile, Transnational activism, Forced migration, Colombia

My research project is framed around my interests in social movements and collective action from feminist perspectives. I aim to analyze the experiences of Colombian women who have undergone political exile in Geneva and Barcelona. The conceptual and theoretical framework draws from various research areas, particularly political transnationalism and forced migration studies from feminist perspectives. My intention is to understand how women mobilize during and after exile, as well as the specific resources they require to engage in transnational collective action and networks.

To achieve this, I will conduct research using ethnographic methods, taking into consideration ethical issues and my positionality as a researcher and as part of the Colombian diaspora in Switzerland. This project is funded by the Doc.CH scholarship and is conducted under the supervision of Prof. Graziella Moraes Dias da Silva (ANSO) and Prof. Eléonore Lépinard (Center for Gender Studies, Université de Lausanne).

Poster of the project

Poster of the project