Research page

Project lead: Jérôme Duberry, Armelle Hausser (EPFL), Daniel kuebler (UZH)

Researchers: Armelle Hausser (EPFL), Vincent Kaufmann (EPFL), Mariana Fernandes Mendes (EPFL), Daniel kuebler (UZH), Marine Charlotte Trichet (UZH)

Timeline: 2021

Keywords: Switzerland, civic tech, digital technology, citizen participation

The 2021 Swiss Civic tech barometer is the second edition of the Swiss Barometer of Civic Tech. It is launched by the Urban Sociology Laboratory (EPFL), Center for Democracy (UZH), and the Albert Hirschman Center on Democracy.

The term “Civic tech” is subject to multiple definitions and interpretations. Generally, it refers to a vast number of digital tools that aim to bring citizens closer to the political process by transforming the workings of democracy through a renewal of their forms of engagement. These different tools can, for example, improve or promote information dissemination, dialogue between elected officials or public services and citizens, citizen consultation, citizen contribution, and data sharing. These digital tools are most often either backed by public institutions, which may call on public or private service providers for the deployment of the tool, or by the civil society.

The 2021 Swiss Civic tech barometer is intended for actors from Swiss public authorities who have set up or wish to set up civic tech tools. Its main objectives are to:

Identify and map the practices (technologies and uses) of swiss cities, communes and cantons, and the actors involved in civic techs at national level. 

Produce and share knowledge on these practices at a national and international scale. 

Encourage the sharing of experiences and the collaboration between cities, territories and cantons on this topic. 

Create a network of partners and experts in Switzerland based on the sharing of knowledge and experience.