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In December 2015, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) mandated the CCDP for a supporting role to take part in a pilot training course for an action learning initiative designed for humanitarian practitioners working in the complex operational situations of protracted crises. The initiative was entitled “Conflict Analysis for Humanitarian Action and Peacebuilding” (CAHAPB).

The  CCDP  team  (Oliver Jütersonke, Laura Zermin, and Kazushige Kobayashi) participated as observers for an online course (Phase I:  December  2015)  and  a  face-to-face  workshop  in  Geneva  (Phase  II:  January  2016).  These  first  two  phases  involved  a  preparatory  online module  offered  by  the  UN  System  Staff  College  (UNSCC),  and  a  three-day  on-site  workshop,  led  by UNSCC and OCHA, and hosted by the CCDP at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Subsequently, the CCDP team offered substantive supervision for the follow-up phase (Phase III: February-July 2016), in which participants were asked to work and report on their individuals projects.

Presently, the CCDP is exploring opportunities with OCHA to generate funding for further research collaboration to build on our prior findings and experiences. On the one hand, the collaborative team is seeking to elaborate joint research activities looking into the dynamics of mutual learning in complex operational situations, with an aim to promote systematic accumulation of practical knowledge at the local level. On the other, the team is pursuing the continuation and improvement of related training programs in Geneva and beyond.

Project Outcomes 

At the end of the pilot training program, the CCDP submitted an internal report reflecting upon the modalities of the action learning initiative, and offering tentative recommendations. This reflection note has served as a basis for on-going fundraising efforts.


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